Training for WHRDs

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Training for WHRDs

Given the risk of attacks and threats suffered by WHRDs as a direct result of their work and by changes in the context in which this is performed, specialized training on various aspects of safety and protection when facing emergency situations is essential to save their lives and avoid further aggressions, either directed to themselves and/or their families and community.

Trainings are intended to build or strengthen the capacity of WHRDs to respond or prevent attacks, as well as other aspects related to comprehensive safety measures, risks assessments, protection strategies, documentation, digital security, among others.

These training programs address the gender dimension that highlight subtle risks that WHRDs miss when they are exposed to gender based violence and gender specific risks.

Although it is very important that WHRDs learn how to develop skills themselves to deal with their own security and self-care practices, it is also important that they multiply this knowledge with other WHRDs and members of the communities they work with.

Several organizations at national, regional and international level have developed special programs, workshops and full trainings for this purpose.

List of Trainings

The following is a list of organizations sorted by trainings.

Capacity building for developing autonomous protection measures and risk assessment

Digital security (for more information please click here)

Documentation of WHRD cases and Security Measures 

Fellowships (for more information please click here)