Temporary relocation and emergency hotline

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Temporary relocation

Some organizations provide some form of temporary relocation for human rights defenders at risk, intended to help them escape from dangerous situations or continuous persecution. Placements can be to safe locations within the host country or to a host country. Such programs often supply financial support, transport, housing, psychological assistance and medical fees and visa help.

Another alternative to temporary relocation is the creation of safe houses or temporary shelters that can provide WHRDs with a safe space away from perpetrators of violence and give defenders an opportunity to rest physically, mentally and emotionally from the violence that they face in their work.

Emergency hotline

Emergency hotlines provide an instant and effective mechanism for human rights defenders at immediate risk to contact means for assistance. They are intended to mobilize rapid international support and action. Urgent actions can include faxed or phoned appeals to relevant authorities, raising the case through regional mechanisms or individual government representatives, practical help with temporary relocation, or assistance with medical or legal expenses.

To learn more about temporary relocation and emergency hotlines, please see the Urgent Responses Mapping, pages 12-15.

List of Organizations

The following is a list of organizations sorted by region, that will perform temporary relocation and emergency hotline.




Latin America