Grants and relief programs

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Grants and relief programs

Grant programs are an important element of many organizations’ response efforts. Some organizations offer grants to WHRDs with the objective of strengthening their security and supporting protection measures. Some grants are offered to defenders in general, while others specifically concern WHRDs and they may be worldwide or country-specific.

For the most part, grants are not prescriptive and are open to the needs of defenders in general and some more specifically to the needs of WHRDs. Rather than offering a pre-established set of measures, these grants allow defenders to tailor financial assistance to their needs.

Grants have been used to: improve security (through the provision of surveillance cameras, bars on windows, security guards, etc.); to purchase equipment (radios, computers, mobile phones); to provide safe transport to meetings or court hearings; to pay for legal and medical fees; to support evacuations to safe houses or; to support temporary relocation for a WHRD and her family to another city or country.

Key to the success of emergency grant programs are their ability to allow WHRDs to avoid burdensome procedures and to access grants quickly. Language accessibility as well as simplified proposal requirements (forms) are also important in ensuring that WHRDs can access these grants.

The International Human Rights Funders Group have compiled a brief list of resources that grantseekers may find helpful: Directory of emergency/rapid response grants (2012),

To learn more about grants and relief programs, please see the Urgent Responses Mapping, pages 15-16.

List of Organizations

The following is a list of organizations sorted by region, that will perform grants and relief programs.



Latin America

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  1. Good day, i would like to apply an emergency grant assistance from you for my temporary relocation in Tanzania due to the Xenophobia attacks in South Africa as Activist for Human Rights and permanent resident in term of Refugees category for my safety after been reporting several attacks since 2008 to present.

    Best regards,

    Mr. M, Moussa Dominique