The Urgent Action Fund (UAF)

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Urgent Action Fund (UAF) for Women’s Human Rights is a global women’s fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women’s human rights activists at critical moments. UAF intervenes quickly when activists are poised to make great gains or face serious threats to their lives and work, paving the road for a new type of philanthropy.

Areas of Work

Promotion and protection of WHRDs through rapid response grant making, research, publications, advocacy and alliance building.

Urgent Responses Offered 

Temporary relocation and emergency hotline

UAF provides financial assistance for relocation of WHRDs under its rapid response grant program (maximum USD 5,000).

Grants and relief programs

UAF provides grants under three categories:

  1. Response to armed conflict, escalating violence or politically volatile environments.
  2. Potentially precedent-setting legal or legislative actions, or actions that aim to protect a precedent that has already been set.
  3. Protection and security of WHRDs.

UAF has a rapid response grant making team of three people to review applications. They have a mandate to respond within seventy-two hours. Proposals in languages other than English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, or Urdu may require additional time for translation. Once a grant has been approved, funds can be disbursed within a week.

Geographic Focus

There are three UAF sister-fund organizations. One based in Africa, one based in Latin America, and one based in the United States. Any grant application from the continent of Africa should be sent to UAF-Africa. Any applications from Spanish or Portuguese speaking Latin American countries should be sent to UAF-Latin America. All other requests should be sent to UAF in the United States.


The website is available in English. The grant applications are available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Russia, Nepali, Bahasa, Indonesian, Haitian Creole, Turkish, Georgian, Urdu, Albanian, and Serbian.