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Madre is an international network of community based women’s organizations. Through programs in peace building, women’s health and combating violence against women, and economic and environmental justice, MADRE develops innovative social and political strategies that deliver resources and support to women and families, use human rights advocacy to promote social justice, research and offer alternative solutions to educate and inspire people to action, and work for an equitable distribution of resources to sustain social change.

Areas of Work

Women’s human rights, including health and reproductive rights, violence against women, peace building, economic development, and environmental justice, education and other human rights.

Urgent Responses Offered 

Urgent appeals, international solidarity and communication strategies

MADRE deploys urgent appeals to engage our membership network of 25,000. Through online alerts, MADRE members take action, such as signing petitions targeted at government authorities. MADRE also initiates and signs organizational letters of solidarity with WHRDs.

Advocacy with regional and international mechanisms

MADRE submits urgent appeals to the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and other Rapporteurs depending on the nature of the violation. MADRE has also worked with:

  • UN treaty bodies, including the Human Rights Committee, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and the Committee against Torture.
  • The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Legal assistance and trial observation

MADRE facilitates legal support to national groups, including with assistance preparing testimony and legal strategy and with referrals.

Medical assistance, stress management and psychosocial counseling

MADRE has provided financial support for medical assistance for WHRDs in several cases.

Protective accompaniment; solidarity and monitoring visits

MADRE visits the communities of our partner organizations to:

  • Bring urgent support to sustain WHRDs and their communities
  • Gather information and testimonies for human rights reporting
  • Launch public education and advocacy campaigns to protect WHRDs

Temporary relocation and emergency hotline

MADRE provides financial assistance for relocation through our local partnerships. Responding to requests, we assist with the relocation of women and family members, including covering the costs of temporary emergency housing, transportation and passport fees.

MADRE also partners with local activists to provide training on maintaining temporary and secret safe houses, particularly in areas where it is not safe to maintain a shelter.

Grants and relief programs

Through our local partnerships, MADRE assists with shelter and secret transport to women at risk. Funds can cover cell phones, costs of emergency medical care, food, shelter, local and international transportation, and clothing and other personal effects for women who are forced to escape quickly

For more information see the Our Projects section of the website.

The Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund:

  • ensures that community-based women’s groups participate in designing and carrying out relief efforts and protects women’s rights in times of crisis.

For more information see the How We Work/Meeting Immediate Needs section of the website.

Geographic Focus

International. MADRE works in the following countries: Afghanistan, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Iraq, Kenya, Nicaragua, Palestine, Peru, and Sudan.


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