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The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) is a non-governmental federation for human rights organizations. FIDH is the oldest international human rights organization worldwide and today brings together 164 member organizations in over 100 countries. FIDH is nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and independent of any government. Its core mandate is to promote respect for all the human rights, it also co-ordinates and supports the actions of its members and is their contact with intergovernmental organizations.

Areas of Work

Together with the OMCT (World Organization Against Torture), FIDH runs a defenders program called the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (the Observatory). Other areas of work include: international justice, terrorism, death penalty, women’s rights, forced disappearances, migrant rights and globalization and economic, social and cultural rights.

Urgent Responses Offered

Urgent appeals, international solidarity and communication strategies

The International Federation for Human Rights has established a defenders alert mechanism, which includes urgent appeals for WHRDs at risk. It also provides information about each case as well as the actions that should be taken by national authorities and provides addresses for individuals or organizations to take action.

Advocacy with regional and international mechanisms

FIDH systematically submits urgent appeals to the UN SR and other Rapporteurs depending on the nature of the violation. They also work with:

  • UN treaty bodies;
  • The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, including the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders in Africa;
  • The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights;
  • EU institutions and dialogues, country delegations and embassies including:
  • ODHIR at OSCE;
  • Council of Europe;
  • Organisation internationale de la Francophonie;
  • The Commonwealth; and Supports the development of mechanisms at the ASEAN and at the League of Arab States.

Awards and fellowships

  • Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders 

Legal assistance and trial observation

FIDH provides legal assistance to defenders in the context of their joint program with the OMCT, the Observatory. Legal assistance can also be carried out within the framework of other programs. Assistance includes covering legal costs of defenders who are victims of legal harassment and appointing a lawyer.

Medical assistance, stress management and psychosocial counseling

FIDH provides medical assistance in the context of their joint program with the OMCT, the Observatory. Medical assistance can also be provided within the framework of other programs.

Protective accompaniment; solidarity and monitoring visits

In the context of their joint program with the OMCT and the Observatory, FIDH carries out fact-finding and solidarity missions. The objectives are:

  • To bring support to defenders in difficult situations.
  • To support them carrying out their activities.
  • To enable them to meet representatives of international and regional intergovernmental organizations as well as foreign authorities, in order to promote their lobbying actions.
  • To alert the international media on their situation and on the human rights situation in the country.

These solidarity missions respond to local needs and are dispatched at on request or following a discussion with local members and partners.

Temporary relocation and emergency hotline

FIDH provides relocation assistance to defenders in the context of their joint program with the OMCT, the Observatory. Assistance can also be provided to victims within the framework of other programs. Assistance includes contacting institutional partners at international, national, and ground levels for the issuance of visas in cases of emergency, and providing logistical and financial support.

Grants and relief programs

Within the framework of the Observatory, FIDH provides grants to defenders and WHRDs, for the specific purpose of strengthening the security and protection of defenders at risk. Within the framework of other programs, FIDH provides support to organizations to enhance their capacity to communicate and to carry out their activities (computers, telephones, software, etc).

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