Coalition for African Lesbians (CAL)

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Comprised of organizations from eleven African countries, the Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) is the first non-governmental organization in Africa to work for the equality of lesbians at a continental level. In response to a climate of staggering violence targeting lesbians and gay men throughout the continent, CAL has worked with the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights to challenge homophobic rhetoric and policy, and to incorporate LGBT rights into the African human rights platform. CAL’s acclaimed annual Leadership Institutes hone the ideas and skills of lesbians, feminists, gender activists and academics across the continent.

Areas of Work

Lesbian equality.

Urgent Responses Offered

Protective accompaniment; solidarity and monitoring visits

CAL carries out solidarity visits

  • It has developed an approach to these solidarity visits that involves outside defenders with in-depth knowledge of situations liaising with local LGBTI communities in crisis
  • The expertise of these solidarity visitors is aimed at affirming and strengthening local community organizing during and after crises;
  • It also links small emergency grants to its work on solidarity visits. CAL has been able to make small advances of cash. These funds, with simple accountability systems, assist LGBTI community organizing during and after crises.

Temporary relocation and emergency hotline

As part of its Human Rights Defenders Project, CAL is establishing a safe house for WHRDs which includes LGBTI persons in Africa. CAL also links a few short annual fellowships to its safe house project. This will link WHRDs to local organizations and institutions for learning, cross learning and for the creation of feminist knowledge by WHRDs who seldom have time to write or otherwise document their ideas, experiences, and analysis.

CAL has a small budget for travel and subsistence for temporary relocation in very specific circumstances. It has also served as a link between activists that need to be relocated and organizations that provide this support.

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